Strategies to Use During a Panic Attack

A panic attack is characterized by an intense surge of fear that is both unexpected and immobilizing. What’s more alarming is that this frequently occurs unexpectedly and without an apparent trigger. They can happen even while you’re relaxed or asleep.

If you want to help yourself should you experience this, we at K Mental Wellness, a leading provider of psychiatric care in Hamilton, New Jersey, are here to help!

Here, we make every effort to empower our community with pertinent knowledge, one mental health topic at a time. In light of that, here are three things you can do during a panic attack:

Have a script ready.
A panic attack can flood your mind with rushing and unpleasant thoughts, prolonging the fear. As such, you should have a script of positive thoughts in hand to counteract the negative ones. You may also combat negative thoughts on the fly by repeating words of affirmation.
Focus on your breathing.
Because your breathing influences your mental state, it is an important aspect of controlling a panic attack. In this case, calm and deep breathing can help to switch off the fight-or-flight reaction. If you want to get better at this, psychoeducation is a good place to start.
Find a distraction.
Thinking about your panic attack exacerbates it, but finding a diversion can help you take your mind off it. This should be something easy that you can do whenever you start to feel anxious.

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